BlogCrush was founded by Suzanne Broughton and Marcy Massura in 2009.

Both bloggers, writers and photographers from Orange County, California. Seeing plenty of networking opportunities for bloggers on the national level, Suz and Marcy wanted to create ways for local bloggers to meet to share tips, ideas and friendship. Meeting in local restaurants every other month, these 'vocal locals' get a chance to exchange ideas over a cocktail or two, while sampling some of the best these local establishments have to offer.

For more information on sponsoring a BlogCrush event, or working with the group (nearly 250 members at last count!) feel free to contact us anytime.


Lisa Robertson / Los Angeles BlogCrush Advocate. 

Best known for her expert knowledge of Disneyland and the Disneyland Resort, Lisa writes about Disneyland at her Babes in Disneyland blog and Babes in Disneyland travel planning website.  She is the author of the 127-page book Babes In Disneyland: The ultimate Disneyland Resort guide for families with young children.  Her book, is the only planning guide for families with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  As a member of the Disneyland Resort press pool and former Disneyland tour guide, Lisa is well known in Disney fan circles as a name that is known and trusted for accurate tips and information.