Help your Friend to Quit Smoking Marijuana

If you have a friend who smokes weed, you have an obligation to help them stop. This is necessary because there are a lot of negative effects associated with it. Here are some of the tips to help a friend stop weed.

Determine why they smoke weed

The first thing you need to do is to understand why they smoke weed. There are many factors that contribute to this behaviour including peer pressure, stress in life, adhering to a certain lifestyle associated with weed, idleness among others. Understanding the reasons why they smoke gives you the basis to help them stop effectively.

Let them understand the consequences

There is no way that you can make your friend stop weed if you do not enlighten them about the negative consequences involved. This is more especially if they are yet to start experiencing some of these consequences. If they have already started to experience the side effects, you need to show them how fatal or dangerous the side effects would be if they continue with the behavior. You may need to do this to get a friend to stop smoking weed.

Come up with a plan to stop

One thing for sure is that your friend cannot stop weed instantly. Even if this happens, it might just only be temporary. Thus, you need to help them come up with a plan on how to stop this behaviour. For instance, if they do it five times a day, come up with a plan where they will reduce the number of times they smoke within a certain period of time. Help them reduce the number of times they smoke daily until they stop. Plan a date when your friend should stop the act of smoking weed completely.

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Assist them to avoid triggers

As a mentioned above, people smoke weed as a result of certain triggers. If it is peer pressure, advice your friend on how to avoid those friends who make them smoke. On the other hand, if they find themselves smoking because of idleness, help them find something to keep them busy. If your friend can avoid the triggers, it becomes easy to stop this behaviour. Also, feel free to check out the how to stop smoking weed service.

Encourage them to discard all items they use when smoking

Most of the smokers usually have items they use when smoking including smoking bowls, fancy vaporizer, bongs and others. By getting rid of these items, they will find it hard to get ways to smoke, thus increasing the chances of quitting the addiction.

Prepare them for withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal systems such as anxiety, headaches, nausea and others might affect your friend. So, as you help them stop the behaviour, come up with ways that they will deal with the withdrawal symptoms.