Fight Free Radicals with Antioxidant Foods

For most folks who are curious about eating right for a healthier lifestyle, there is probably some confusion as to the roles of free radicals and the antioxidant foods that fight them. As to the free radicals, these are complex chain reactions that occur on a molecular level and are of a scope that deserves its own research. Needless to say, they weaken the cells of the body, but they can be fought off.

Healthy foods that contain the aforementioned antioxidants are the ways to do so. Mind you, free radicals are a naturally occurring phenomenon in any healthy body, but they can be increased through environmental interactions. This occurs through exposure to toxins such as smoke, chemicals, pollution, and the like.

So the idea is to protect the body at this deeper level through a diet rich in the good stuff, or antioxidants. The ironic thing to realize in doing so is that foods that are so good at keeping us healthy are the ones we have known about for so long. Yes, fruits and vegetables are really good for you, as are fresh, whole foods.

A partial list, in no particular order, of good things to eat that are good for you is berries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, spinach, tea, soy, and whole grains. As can be seen at a glance, none of these items are particularly exotic, and most can be found at the nearest grocery or market. The trick is to begin incorporating them into the daily diet.

A good example of this can be seen in a brief lunch menu idea. How about a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, using spinach leaves instead of lettuce, soy based spread instead of mayonnaise, and layered with tomatoes. For something to drink consider a nice cool smoothie made with a banana, orange juice, and blueberries or a glass of iced green tea.

Not only will this taste great, it will be packed with all of the healthy vitamins and minerals a body needs, as well as a whopping dose of antioxidant foods. It is easy to make, and a tasty way to help prevent heart disease, cancer, reduce blood pressure and slow the efforts of aging. This can all be aided and abetted by eating better meals.