Monday, August 22, 2011


clip_image001There’s a hashtag for you.  Our last outing saw the BlogCrushers bring reinforcements…in the form of children and spouses as we got our party on with the great folks from Team Razor and put a little wear and tear on the first phase of the Orange County Great Park.

clip_image003The event was BYO, bring your own family, bring your own picnic, bring your own Razor…or you could strap on a Team Razor helmet and try out some of their newest editions to the line.  Our Orange county blogger kids tested them all, sending both the chalk and the sparks flying from the highly coveted Razor models like the Grafitti, the BoGo and the eSpark.  And even more fun were the scavenger hunts they held giving some of them away.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen that many kids running with excitement in every direction.

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Phase one of the Orange County Great Park is scheduled for completion in 2012, and it’s off to a wonderful start. They have the balloon ride and the carousel already installed and you can have free rides on both into the evening.  All the children were running free between the Team Razor track and the carousel on what turned out to be a perfect Southern California evening.

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The nearby Palm Court Arts Complex includes the Great Park Gallery and Great Park Artists Studios. It is currently showing it’s inaugural exhibition, Plane Air Power through October 16, 2011.  This collection of work by the artist Jorg Dubin honors both the history of the El Toro military base, which originally occupied the land now evolving into the Great Park and the unique California art movement of Plein Air.  It’s a wonderful statement, capturing the intentions for the future of this visionary project and it’s meaning for Orange county.

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Additionally, the Great Park features concerts, sports clinics and a Kids Rock interpretive playground, three lighted soccer fields, fully landscaped 9-acre Walkable Timeline and bike trail, the Farm & Food Lab and an Agricultural Pavilion, a picnic meadow, the 100-acre Great Park Farm and a Farmers Market on Sundays and they do a great job keeping you up to date through their Facebook page and on Twitter.  They are an amazing addition to Orange County, and they’ve only just begun!


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We want to thank Team Razor for sponsoring this event, the kids loved being able to try all their terrific products. This is one company that hasn’t rested on the laurels of the now iconic original Razor. You can see the creative expansion their brand has taken by going to their site, where they offer safety tips, a vast RazorRiders community, news updates and games to play.  Be on the look out for Team Razor and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


And as always, Marcy and Suzanne ran an incredibly smooth event. Much fun was had by all at this unique opportunity for a BlogCrush family night.  Now, on to the next blogging adventure…

This post was graciously written by BlogCrusher Lana Waggoner.

She’s blogging @ -Twitter and Instagram @WoodbridgeOC


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