Friday, April 15, 2011

BlogCrush: Nieuport17

Suz, Marcy and Billp

Last night we had a really wonderful BlogCrush meeting at Nieuport17 in Tustin. I am ashamed to admit that although I am an OC native (3rd generation thankyouverymuch) I had never been before. And what a jewel of a place, right in my backyard for over 40 years. Once the popular hang out for every famous pilot and aviation specialist…it is now home to amazing gourmet food (new Executive Chef Marco Colin), live nightly entertainment in a moody fireplace clad bar (Barnstormers) and staff that make everyone feel like royalty. One of the best parts of Nieuport17 is the owner, Bill Bettis. He has a long history in aviation (and a passion for it) and clearly still loves his restaurant to the core.

The d├ęcor is lodge-chateaux-retro-chic. With nearly 300 pieces of original (many signed to Bill) pieces of aviation artwork lining the walls. A perfect romantic getaway….and I personally can not wait to return. If you go without me, order an Old Fashioned. It does not disappoint.

IMG_2578 IMG_2582 copy


  1. I'm inspired to go. Thanks for Sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing as well. I am an avid fan of aviators from history. I will be visiting that place after my flights to manila.

  3. Anyone who loves the fortunate combination of Aviation ambiance and great food will appreciate this fine restaurant! I have been sharing terrific meals, good bar entertainment, and aviation art with Bill Bettis at Nieuport 17 at both locations for over 30 years. I am glad that the tradition continues!~