Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Someone Cares…..really.

IMG_3323I have had bad days. Complained that my dry cleaning delivery wasn’t on time. Or maybe that the tires on my less than 3 year old car need replacing. I have complained more than once just this week about how my head cold has been keeping me from packing for my vacation. And everyone who reads me knows me, has heard me complain about my struggle with being a little over weight. So yeah, I have had bad days. Or have I? Because something I have never had to worry about was getting my next meal.

Not. ever.

So when Someone Cares soup kitchen in Costa Mesa asked me to help them out- I said yes and sprang into action. I organized a group of some of the best bloggers in OC to come and share the experience of a soup kitchen that serves over 400 people daily (7 days a week!) in one of the wealthiest cities in the state.  IMG_3349 copy

Located in what was once an original Wahoo’s Tacos location (and was generously sold directly to Someone Cares by the owners of Wahoos), it looks a lot like any other buffet dining experience. The difference here, is that there is no cash register. No bills. No one pays for a thing. They come from all over, homeless, working poor and seniors. Men, women and yes, families. This young mother was there with her brand new infant son. She comes daily with the child’s father. Someone Cares also distributes much IMG_3336-1needed clothing, and is helping to provide items for the baby as well. As the mother and young father eat their meal, the baby is held lovingly by a member of the Someone Cares staff who tells me ‘I hold the baby so they can get a little break. It is rough out there.’

Someone Cares is an amazing organization that has added after school tutoring for children, a food pantry for additional assistance and more. Nearly every single person working there is a volunteer. And this work is not easy. Especially when they are serving top quality meals for so many every day. There are trucks to unload, potato's to peel and dishes to wash. But I know why they do it. It is the people. Everyone dining there was polite and kind. There were no patrons that I wouldn’t be comfortable sitting down with and breaking bread. These people are not that different from me. They are just people trying to get by…..They are trying to get through…. just trying TO SURVIVE.

Someone Cares has great relationships with food service brands and liquidators. They can ‘cut a penny four ways’, so the single best thing you can give them is CASH. If you donate to Someone Cares, your money will go FAR.

ANY amount is appreciated.  


Wanna cry? Watch this wonderful video to see some of the great things this organization is doing for our county. Just wait until you see the kids getting a wrapped toy at Christmas. I know I will never take all I have for granted again.

Special thank you to the BlogCrush bloggers who came out and helped serve and learn about Someone Cares today. Nice to use our collective powers for good.

*Additional photos I took from the day can be found on the OC this Friday.


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