Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Feature: Michelle Stillson

imageQ: What is your blog?

Single Mom Sanctuary

Q: What is your blog tagline?

“Trying to stay sane.”

Q: How long have you been blogging and how did you get started?

I've been blogging for a little over two years. I realized that I was getting stressed over being a single parent and needed an outlet; my friends and family had heard my griping long enough! I decided to blog to not only vent but also to make a "documentary" about my life, an auto-biography. I also hoped that others would find my blog and have some reassurance that they're not alone in the struggle to raise a kid alone.

Q: What has blogging given back to you?

I've met many wonderful people and made some new friends as I connected to various blogging sites and Twitter. I've found other single parents out there who have given me advice and whom I've helped out in return. I've also learned a lot more about myself, finding that I'm more of an extrovert than I thought and really figuring out what I stand for and believe in. While I'm glad that I have fans who read my blog, I can truly be myself since it's a personal blog (as opposed to reviews or informational) and it's really just written for ME.

Q: Any advice for new bloggers?

Don't be shy. Write what you're passionate about and worry about "fans" or "followers" later. Readers love to see honest material. And while having an aesthetically pleasing layout is nice, it's mostly about content.

Q: Where is the one place in OC you love to show to out of town visitors?

I love to take out-of-town visitors to Disneyland. It was where I held my first job and I just love the magic that's always there. My daughter and I enjoy sharing in people's experiences for the first time, and make sure to point out all the best rides, attractions and restaurants. It's almost a sure bet that it'll be a fantastic day.