Friday, December 3, 2010

Feature Friday: Back to work Dad / Adam Rogers


Rogers 063Human Name: Adam Rogers

Blog Name: Back to work Dad and Back to Work Dad (at OC Family)

I have been blogging for about a year and a half. I actually started blogging under the name "The reluctant stay at home Dad" as I was unemployed at the time and taking care of my first little guy. Blogging was my outlet. I'm a big time people person and while I enjoyed my time at home with my little dude, the conversation was a little lacking.

What has blogging giving back to you?

More than anything really it's a great group of new friends in real life, and a great support group of other Dad's.

Any advice for new bloggers?

Don't put too much stock in the number of comments you get. Write for you.

Where is the one place you HAVE to take people who are visiting OC for the first time?

Other than the obvious Disneyland. I say PCH. Just take a drive and stop where you feel like it.

*sidenote: Adam is a dad of two very small children and in a true testament to sleep depravation he completed the questionnaire by spelling his own name incorrect. See it happens to Dads too. :)


  1. sidenote to the sidenote, seriously, I really did actually spell my own last name wrong.

  2. Was that "A damn" Rogers?

  3. Super nice to read about you! I'm going to start reading your blog!