Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Feature: Glitterful Felt Stories/ Shelby Barone



Human Name: Shelby Barone

Blog Name:Glitterful Felt Stories

I started blogging in October 2008.I first began blogging for my small business and then I slowly started to make the transition into blogging more about my life, being a mom and helping others with children who have food allergies. I also blogged an online activity guide with recipes and fun children activities at

What has blogging giving back to you?

I have found so many wonderful friendships from people all around the world. I have had the opportunity to share my experiences and help other mom's who have children who suffer from severe food allergies.

Any advice for new bloggers?

My advice is to blog about what makes you happy! Make it a reflection of who you are.

Where is the one place you HAVE to take people who are visiting OC for the first time?

Disneyland! My favorite hidden little beach where I spend everyday of the summer at in Laguna with my kids.

What else can you share with us?

I spend my life trying to make a difference in the world! I am a mom with three kids and one goofy husband. We adopted our first two children because we really felt that there were too many children out there who needed a mommy and daddy to love them. We were then blessed with the biological birth of our third child.

I am very passionate about helping other moms with children who suffer from severe food allergies. I have committed so much of my life to help finding a cure or at least an easier way for children to cope and live with them.

I grow almost all my own produce right in my backyard and cook almost all my food from scratch.  :)


  1. Thanks for sharing you honest story with us! Your family is beautiful :)

  2. hi shelby, nice to meet you! i've enjoyed taking a look around your blog.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring me at Blog Crush. :) You are so sweet.

  4. You can also see me blogging under domestic crusader at

  5. Awesome to learn more about you!
    I want my own garden so bad... Guess I need a yard first...

  6. Shelby is an inspiration to us all! She was our Mom of the Month in February and continues to help moms of children with severe food allergies and to do wonderful acts of kindness for those in need.

  7. Great interview!! Your garden sounds divine!

  8. @kara noel no large yard needed to grow your own veg. Email me and I can give you some easy ways to grow with raised planters. :)

    @She's Cookin' Thanks so much! Your review of me just warmed my heart. xoxo Thanks again

    @Jo Ashline Thank you!! It is fun and the kids enjoy doing it with me. With them seeing how much work it is, it helps encourage them to eat all their veg. :)

  9. Holy moly, I'm so impressed!