Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Featured BlogCrusher: Priscilla Willis of She's Cookin'

BC: What's are the name of your blogs?

She's Cookin'

BC: When and why did you start blogging?

I started casually blogging in April of 2009 with an iWeb template and the idea to feature a mom each month. It was my way of being proactive about a life-altering change that was looming in the near future.... the uncertainty of, for some dreaded but for others heralded - Empty Nest. I also knew that I wasn't going to be working and wanted to keep the creative juices flowing and try my hand at writing outside of the business world where I authored reams of interoffice memos, corporate correspondence, venture financing documentation etc.

In its infancy my website was called TopMomBlog, but that name conjured all kinds of meanings within the blogosphere that, being the neophyte that I was, had no clue about.
Naturally, the first mom to be featured was my mom in May for Mother's Day. What's funny is that she doesn't even own a computer, so I had to print it out and mail it to her - she was very excited and has it up in her kitchen still.

My transformation to She's Cookin' and a cooking/foodie blog happened when I came onboard at OC Family in October, 2009. That's also when I got a little more serious, changed to a WordPress platform, and began posting three to four times a week consistently. I still feature moms because many people have told me how great they think that is and it ties in with my mission of promoting cooking and enjoying meals together at home to stay connected with family and friends in today's crazy, hectic world.

BC: What has been your biggest surprise about blogging?

How I feel so much more connected to Orange County through the many intelligent, enthusiastic, and genuine people I've met.

BC: Where do you go for inspiration?

I gain inspiration more and more from other cooking websites, but also from my vast archives of mostly Bon Appetit magazines from as far back as the early nineties and my cookbook collection.

BC: When you have out-of-town guests, what is your "must see" place in OC?

That's easy, since I live in Huntington Beach - the surfing area at the Huntington Beach pier - it embodies all that southern California represents to the rest of the world. And the other must-see destination is the picturesque bluffs and beaches of Laguna Beach.

BC: Give us the links to your three favorite posts you've ever written.

Ad Hoc Blue Cheese Dressing

My photo-documentary of Little Saigon during Chinese New Year

5-Minute Spicy Hummus


  1. I have seen Priscilla grow from a newbie to a Fan Favorite. Her passion for food, blogging and family are infectious. She is such a genuine person with a voracious appetite not just for food but for knowledge and new experiences. I've been lucky to be part of some of her adventures and I look forward to whatever project she will be cookin' up next.

  2. Yey Priscilla, it was sooo great to meet you IRL and I look forward to reading your blog. See you tonight!

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