Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Featured BlogCrusher: Dana and Jeff Sipper

BC: When and why did you start blogging?

We have been blogging for about 2 1/2 years now. It started as a way to showcase our work for Sipper Photography, but we then wanted to incorporate more of our personalities to our readers, so we began to blog about our friends, family and travels.

BC: What has been your biggest surprise about blogging?

SP: The biggest surprise for us has been that people know who we are when we show up at places. It was kind of freaky at first, people would just want to meet "The Sipper's". As people follow our work or something we have shared about our lives, they feel like they know us. This is very important to us as photographers because we share many fabulous moments in peoples lives. As we blog and people get to know us they feel comfortable with us and trust us to document the important times in their lives.

BC: Where do you go for inspiration?

SP: We are inspired everywhere, especially in our travels! We love to go to new places and see new things. Sometimes inspiration comes when we are sharing a glass of wine or watching a movie together. Our clients inspire us as well. Each person has a different story and through our photography and writing we capture real moments to document that time in their lives.

BC: When you have out-of-town guests, what is your "must see" place in OC?

SP: For the eclectic crowd "The Goat Hill Tavern" in Costa Mesa with 141 Beers on Tap, peanut shells on the floor and a carefully curated collection of garage sale junk that is plastered to the ceiling and walls!
For everyone else...the beach and Disneyland!

Sipper Photography's Featured Post

Hey everyone!

So, in just a couple of days from now, Dana and I will be heading off to New Orleans for 6 days of relaxing, eating great food, having a few cocktails, and checking out the sights. This will be our 4th trip together there, and my 5th trip to New Orleans, overall. Every time we go, we find something new we had not seen before.

Over the years, I've developed a sort of code to live by when traveling. It started with my sister, years ago. It was mainly just a couple rules, partly to get you out of the day to day rut most of us are in, and to keep track of how many places you've been. I asked on FaceBook and Twitter for other people's rules. Some were pretty good.

Here are mine:

1. No Chain Restaurants- We can eat at a McDonalds, or a Denny's anywhere in the US. That's pretty boring. Get out and try truck stops, diners, hole in the wall joints. Ask the locals where they eat... and then go there! That leads into the second rule...

2. Eat and Drink like a local- If I'm in New Orleans, I'm not drinking a Budweiser. I'm reaching for an Abita Turbo Dog. Mainly because I can't get it here, easily, and it's brewed locally in Lousiana. When we were in Minneapolis a few weeks ago, I had a Bells beer. It was pretty good... and local! If there is a local specialty food on the menu, try it. If you aren't sure what to get, trust the waiter!

3. Don't be that guy at Airport Security- You know who I'm talking about. The guy that complains the entire way through the security line. Listen... we're all in the same line, and YES, airport security sucks. You have no choice... deal with it.

4. States count as 1 point, Countries count as 2- I think my sister is beating me overall. She has a few more countries than I do, but I have about 22 states plus Mexico!

4a. If you don't leave the airport, that state DOES NOT count.

5. Be a Traveler, not a Tourist- This might be my most important rule. Do a little research before you go somewhere. Check out what the locals are into. Blend in. Believe me, if you look and act like you belong, you might just to see things the tourists aren't seeing! In short, act like you've been there!

So there you go... Anyone else have any rules they live by while traveling? Let us know... maybe we can add them to our list!

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  1. Good stuff guys! GLad to meet ya!

  2. I am absolutely loving the travel rules!