Saturday, October 13, 2012

We've changed!

Wow. 4 years of activities, mini-conferences, parties and fun.
We have come such a long way as a blogging organization since our first meeting at a local restaurant with a handful of you there. In the beginning, we had one goal: to help as many bloggers in Southern California meet other bloggers- because we felt by supporting each other we would gain power and respect as true members of the media. And guess what? It worked : )

And now we move into phase two of our action plan, and have rebranded BlogCrush as the Southern California Media Association. Serving not only bloggers- but all members of the media from photographers to print journalists and beyond.

There are going to be a lot of great things ahead.
Join us!

Learn more about our new mission here:

Your friend-

Saturday, November 26, 2011

BlogCrush/ OC Press Club Panel


150 bloggers, journalists and members of the press gathered for an informative and educational panel hosted by BlogCrush and OC Press Club recently. Graciously hosted by the wonderful Anaheim Marriott Suites, it was a night of amazing food and great conversation centered around the intersection between traditional journalism and new media. BlogCrush invited some amazing panelists to share their wisdom including: Steve Churm (Churm Media), Michele Himmelberg (Disneyland PR), Chris Epting (Author and Columnist) and Keven Sablan (The OC Register). All of whom were invited as they have been leaders in new and traditional media.

Marcy Massura (BlogCrush Co-Founder) moderated and kept the conversation moving along, as well as Suz Broughton (Co-Founder) who added some wonderful words of wisdom. Marcy had joked that she saw the evening like a ‘gang truce’ trying to bring two sides of the world together to eliminate the friction between traditional press writers and less formal bloggers. Her goal she said was ‘to help both sides respect each other for the role they each play in story telling.’ 

More educational/ panel events are being planned for 2012 from BlogCrush.

We hope you will plan on attending them all!


A very special thank you to Anaheim Marriott Suites for an astonishing array of unique food including  the famous macaroni cheese bar! And wonderful service. If you are considering a event of any scale in Orange County please consider Anaheim Marriot Suites.


PHOTOS are COURTESY of the talented Kathleen Enge.

Do not duplicate without permission. Copyright 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Letter from the President of the Orange County Press Club to BlogCrush Members

Dear BlogCrush Members:

On behalf of the OC Press Club, I’m pleased to be partnering with BlogCrush
on the Blogging/New Media Panel & Mixer.

The world of journalism has been changing rapidly. Traditional reporters continue to embrace social media and incorporate it into their ever-expanding roles, more and more online-only news sites are being launched, and the “new journalism” world is filled with bloggers who provide niche news to faithful followers.

The OC Press Club recognizes the importance of all media – traditional and new – and welcomes bloggers and others to join the OC Press Club. Our annual Journalism Awards Contest held every July has several new categories for bloggers, but of course you must be a member of the OC Press Club to enter. I encourage you to participate in the Press Club as we plan more fun events and mixers for 2011-2012.

I look forward to seeing you on Nov. 9. You’ll be able to meet the Press Club board and members, and learn more about the OC Press Club.


Christopher Trela
President, OC Press Club


If you'd like to attend the BlogCrush / Press Club Panel and Mixer on Nov., 9, please RSVP, here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It’s a DrinkUp!

We hope to see many of you at BlogWorld next month. Marcy (BlogCrush Co-Founder) is speaking on Saturday as well and hope you will be there to join in the fun. Sidenote? She is giving away a YEAR’S SUPPLY of BACON at her presentation.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

StyleWeek OC 2011 (PR Host: Jane Gillespie, Irvine)

Host: Jane Gillespie, Irvine

IMG_4121-1 IMG_4118-1

One of my favorite things to do are things I have never done before. Over this weekend I had an opportunity to spend the evening at StyleWeek OC at The Irvine Spectrum Center. It was Rack Rave kick off party for many many FAB-U-LOUS fashion centric events taking place at the much loved shopping center AND at the world famous Fashion Island. Invited BlogCrush members were treated to a VIP lounge and amazing goodies.

We were also thrilled to get some one on one time with the master of ceremonies Nick Verreos. Don’t know him? You should. He is from Project Runway and besides that? His gowns are being worn by everyone from BeyoncĂ© to Carrie Underwood. He is simply hilariously charming. Suz and I are considering joining his posse actually. I am sure he has a shopping/cocktailing/gossiping posse that could use two bloggers.

Suz, Nick and me. We are shiny happy people.


Jamie and me. With my new hair color mistake. My colorist owes me a fruit basket or a new iPhone5.


How about a gourmet dinner in a shoe box? Really astonishing good roast beef sandwich from Nordies bistro. I took one home to the husband. We have plans to go eat there next week. Seriously. THAT good.


Our tweets were streamed on the awesome rave backdrop. This DJ was great. Let’s all be glad there was no alcohol at this event. Saved me from table dancing regret.

Oh and the FASHION show! Great looks that were very wearable. Lots of animal prints color and that whole mix and match thing I can never pull off without looking like Punky Brewster. It was inspiring- and I will be back to The Spectrum to shop soon.

Perhaps I will see you there?

Want to attend StyleWeek and be cool like us?


Style Week OC Red Carpet

Host: Jane Gillespie, Irvine

Monday, September 5, 2011

BlogCrush at UltraLuxe


In the heart of OC, there is a movie theater that breaks the mold. Not only is this a state of the art 100% digital facility but this the only movie theater in OC with the coveted and AMAZING D-Box seats. During a recent BlogCrush event, we were given the opportunity to test out this technology.

So what is D-Box?

The chairs are preprogrammed with movement to coincide with the movie. Watching a train scene? The seats vibrate and rumble with movement. Watching a flick with a plane ride? You will sway and move as the plane does. This is so hard to explain in print…but suffice it to say, it is a one of a kind unique experience that brings movie watching to the full immersion sensory level. It is not like a ride, it is subtle.

Subtly awesome.

Combine that with seat-side service (dinning menus and yes, COCKTAILS), a beautiful bar/lounge and free parking? Well, I can not imagine why you would watch a movie anywhere else in OC.

Ultraluxe bloggers 2p Ultraluxewidebandp

ULBand larger

Suz and I pretending to be in the talented Joshua Paige band. 

Turns out they don’t really need 40 yr old housewives as back up singers. But we offered. Because we are nice like that.


More information on UltraLuxe in OC

Are you a Blogger in Southern California? Join BlogCrush today!

Fellow Crushers thoughts on UltraLuxe:   SteveKristenValerie- Rita- Kathleen

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Announcing BlogCrush Select Events

Starting today, per your request for smaller more specific events and also based on market place demands we are now offering BlogCrush Select Events.
So what does that mean to you?

It means we will be assisting brands and businesses
by creating experiences for pre-selected bloggers.

It is about making valuable connections.

Our goal is to make sure the brand is introduced to bloggers who are interested in their product, service or location.
And about giving the blogger an experience that they will honestly enjoy which will be easy for them to write about on their site.

Think of us as the 'eharmony' of the brand/blogger experience.
You could call it BlogHarmony.
(Which I suggested but was shot down : )

So we settled on...

BlogCrush Select Events.


We will still be doing our free events where every single one of you is invited.
We promise!

Any questions?
As always we love to hear from you!